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The tourist (B-2) visa enables foreign visitors to enter the United States temporarily for tourism purposes. This type of visa may either be issued for a limited or indefinite time period. If you need help with the B-2 visa process, call The Khan Law Firm. Our tourist visa attorney in Murrieta has helped numerous clients throughout North San Diego County obtain all types of visas.

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Advantages of Tourist Visas

The application process for a tourist visa is easier. The application is filed directly at a U.S. Consulate and a decision is generally made either immediately or in a short amount of time. There is no need for a United States citizen to sponsor the applicant for a tourist visa. Should your intentions change after arrival in the U.S., it may be possible to apply for a change of status to another classification.

B-2 Visa Requirements

In order to secure a tourist visa, the applicant must have a valid passport and demonstrate non-immigrant intent. The foreign citizen will need to state the intent to return to his or her country of origin at the conclusion of the visit and not engage in any unauthorized employment activity while in the U.S. In addition, the visa will only be issued if the individual can show that he or she has the resources to pay for travel expenses.

The tourist visa has limitations that include:

  • An initial stay that is limited to six months or less
  • A separate visa is needed for each member of a family
  • Maintaining a residence in the country of origin
  • No employment activity is authorized

Although the application process for a tourist visa is less complicated than other types of visas, it can still be helpful to have an attorney assist you with the process. Our tourist visa lawyer in Murrieta can explain the application process, answer your questions, or help with a change of status if you want to stay in the United States. We can also help to ensure compliance so that you can avoid deportation.

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